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Power Up Your Team Collaboration

Power Up Your Team Collaboration

Join us for this 12-week group coaching program if you want to:

  • Rethink how you show up with your team.

  • Create a culture of inherent collaboration and communication.

  • Make it safe (and expected) to experiment and make change.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Team leads and managers in small to medium sized companies
  • with 5-25 members per team working in any location
  • who want to remove work silos
  • and create more inclusive, collaborative environments
  • but may be struggling with how to change culture and want to get unstuck.

Still not sure if this is right for you?

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Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the challenges with ensuring there is space for everyone to “show up” to the team.
  • Explore what diversity and inclusivity on a team mean.
  • Develop a team agreement and a communication plan and practice the techniques for facilitating the creation of these.
  • Understand psychological safety and ways to create safe environments or destabilize them.
  • Learn to set the stage so that each interaction brings value to the team.
  • Identify ways to create team bonds beyond daily tasks.
  • Create a personal toolkit of facilitation and communication techniques.
  • Review and practice liberating structures for communication inclusivity.
  • Develop a long range plan with accountability.

Meet Your Instructor:

Photo of Indra Books With 25 years of experience, Indra has a passion for working with organizations to effect meaningful, goal-oriented change resulting in high-performing and inclusive team culture. Indra is regularly invited to lead workshops and talks, and continues to shift the focus from process concerns to investments in culture, people, and mindset; creating change that is focused less on short-term process concerns and more on long-term investments.

Pricing Options:

  • One seat in the program for 12 weeks at 1499 Euros
  • Buy One Get One 50% Off for you and a friend/colleague for 12 weeks at 2248.50 Euros (We will email you for the registration details for the 2nd person once paid)

15 Modules

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Power Up Your Team Collaboration

Week 1: Defining the Team and Its Values

Week 2: Exploring Inclusion

Week 3: Team Agreements

Week 4: Communication Plans & Toolkits

Week 5: Ask Me Anything About Teams Coaching

Week 6: Value-Added, Inclusive Engagements

Week 7: Psychological Safety

Week 8: Where Are You Now? Coaching

Week 9: Facilitation Techniques Continued

Week 10: What Are You Still Missing? Coaching

Week 11: Staying Connected with Distributed Teams

Week 12: Action Plan

Modules for this program 15

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