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The Art of Mindful Leadership

The Art of Mindful Leadership

Join us for this 12-week group coaching program if you want to:

  • Rethink how you show up and interact with others.

  • Develop a better understanding of yourself as a leader.

  • Learn how to be more impactful while leading from the front.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of mindfulness
  • Practice techniques for personal mindfulness
  • Explore how to create a space for change
  • Examine how you currently show up and how you want to be in the future
  • Delve into how others perceive you and how this impacts your interactions
  • Learn how to ask powerful questions and address difficult conversations
  • Identify the biases you may bring to your interactions
  • Investigate the pitfalls in your personality and interactions that may hold you back
  • Develop a long range plan with accountability

Meet Your Instructors:

Photo of Indra BooksIndra A. Books: With 25 years of experience, Indra has a passion for working with organizations to effect meaningful, goal-oriented change resulting in high-performing and inclusive team culture. Indra is regularly invited to lead workshops and talks, and continues to shift the focus from process concerns to investments in culture, people, and mindset; creating change that is focused less on short-term process concerns and more on long-term investments.

Photo of Kyle RichardsonKyle Richardson: My agile journey began 9 years ago as part of a search to align what I do for a living with the person I want to be. I see agile first as a philosophy for life, and the way that blends with both Zen and Stoic principles allows for a more holistic work life. For me what I do is an essential part of who I am so it all needs to be done with equal kindness and compassion, upheld by a strong desire to enable others along their chosen path. Working in the software industry allows me to geek out on tech and be passionate about improving communication networks and fostering strong customer-centric cultures (after all, we are all each other’s customers in one way or another).

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Pricing Options:

  • 12 week program for one time payment of 2499 Euros
  • 12 week program for two payments of 1249,50 Euros

15 Modules

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to The Art of Mindful Leadership

Week 1: Science & Philosophy Behind Mindfulness

Week 2: Mindfulness in Practice

Week 3: Leadership Mindset

Week 4: Perception vs Reality (How We are Seen)

Week 5: Group Coaching (Topic TBD)

Week 6: IRL: Where and how do I need to show up?

Week 7: How does bias impact interactions?

Week 8: Group Coaching (Topic TBD)

Week 9: Facilitating Interactions

Week 10: Facilitating Interactions Continued

Week 11: Group Coaching (Topic TBD)

Week 12: Action Plan

Modules for this program 15

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